Only AudigyCertified™ practices have access to AGX® Hearing technology — always the most advanced and effective technology available.

But great technology is just the beginning for us. Understanding the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and the better-hearing goals you have for yourself helps us craft a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution than anyone else can offer.

Our Audiologists

MaryAnn Bencin, CCC-A, FAAA

Audiologist & Owner

I have been an audiologist for almost 30 years. I founded MaryAnn's Family Hearing in 2004 on my strong belief that...

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Amanda Barbur, Au.D., CCC-A


As an audiologist with lifelong hearing loss, I’m uniquely suited to help my patients on their better-hearing journey...

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Our Caring Staff

Nancy Stoneman

Office Manager

Whether at Northeast Ohio General Hospital, in the university hospital system, or at the Society for Rehabilitation...

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Nancy Lambo

Assistant Office Manager

I love it here at MaryAnn’s Family Hearing because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission...

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