MaryAnn's Family Hearing
MaryAnn's Family Hearing 

Our Privacy Promise at MaryAnn’s Family Hearing


This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed as well as how you may obtain access to this information.


We use your personal information only to help transact the business you have with us.


We do not sell information about you.


We do not share your information with anyone else for marketing purposes.



What Personal Information Do We Collect?


The types of information that we may collect include:


*Registration information such as: name, address, date of birth, etc.


*Information necessary to process medical insurance claims, such as: social security number, medical subscriber identification number, etc.


*Medical or health information that you authorize us to receive from doctors or other health care service providers.


*Financial information, if necessary, in order to obtain financing for a hearing aid purchase, etc.



When and How Do We Use and Disclose Your Information?


The primary use of your information is to verify your identity in the course of transactions that we perform at your request. Additionally, we use your information to process insurance claims and to service your accounts with us. Information may be disclosed to other entities that provide business services to us related to our transactions with you. Before we disclose your information, these entities must agree to maintain the privacy of your information. If necessary, we disclose information when it is required by law. We may also disclose certain information to other entities to help us report or prevent fraud.


How Do We Protect the Security of Your Information?


We have established policies to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. Access to personal information is available only to those individuals who need to know that information in order to service your business transaction. Should your business relationship with us end, we will continue to follow the privacy policies described in this notice to the extent that we retain information about you. If we no longer need to retain that information, we will dispose of it in a secure manner.


Your Rights Regarding Personal Health Care Information


You have the right to obtain copies of your audiograms which have been performed by us when such information is needed to make decisions about your care. You may request such information at the time of your office visit with us, or submit your request in writing to MaryAnn’s Family Hearing, 1701 Mentor Ave #5, Painesville Twp, OH 44077. In most cases, we will need a signed release form permitting us to release medical information to anyone other than yourself. Verbal requests may be honored if certain provisions are met (we are sure that it is you making the request), and/or medical need is urgent.


You have the right to request that we communicate with you about medical matters in a certain way or at a certain location, i.e. you can ask that we only contact you via e-mail, or only at your home phone number. To request confidential communications, you must submit your request in writing to: MaryAnn’s Family Hearing, 1701 Mentor Ave #5, Painesville Twp, OH 44077.


You have the right to request a restriction or limitation on the medical information we use or disclose about you for health care, treatment, or payment. We are not required by federal regulation to agree to your request. If we do agree, we will comply with your request unless the information is needed to provide you with emergency treatment. To request restrictions, you must submit your request in writing to:

MaryAnn’s Family Hearing,  1701 Mentor Ave #5, Painesville Twp, OH 44077.



You have the right to obtain a paper copy of this Notice upon request.


Changes To This Notice:


We reserve the right to change this Notice. We reserve the right to make the revised or changed Notice effective for medical information we already have about you as well as any information we receive in the future.   A copy of the current Notice will be available for viewing at our office, and you may request a paper copy of the current Notice at any time.

Business Hours


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Painesville Twp.,  OH 44077


440-357- 4327 (HEAR)



Business Hours

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Tuesday        8:30–5:00

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Friday           8:30–5:00

Saturday available by appointment

Sunday        Closed

*Please note that early morning and evening hours are available by appointment only.

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