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Other Accessories and Supplies We Offer

Ear Gear

Ear Gear are spandex nylon sleeves that protect your hearing instruments from dirt, sweat, moisture, and loss.  These are great if you work outside in the elements, or if you sweat a lot such as when exercising.    

The corded option can give you a better sense of security.  These are great for kids and nursing home residents!


Rayovac Proline Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries

Dry Dome Drying Station

The Dry Dome great for combating moisture.  If you exercise with your hearing aids on or work outside in the elements this is a must have!  It uses gentle convection hear to remove damaging moisture from hearing aids.  

Dry Caddy Drying System

Ideal for use with hearing aids, earbuds, bluetooth earpieces, and small electronics.  Includes a year supply of effective molecular sieve desiccants to remove moisture from electronic devices.  Outperforms silica gel!


Otoclips are small little hooks that give you an added sense of security.  They hook onto behind the ear hearing aids, and then the clip attaches to the shirt or collar.  In the event a hearing aid falls off, the clip will keep it from dropping and getting lost.

Hearing Aid Filters

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